The receipt for online visibility: Creating website & SEO

As a small business owner, you may have already noticed that surviving in the digital jungle is difficult these days. Prices are rising, buyers are wary, competitors are doing everything they can to lure your potential customers away.

Struggling with an effective website is no longer an everyday thing

Do you also feel that customer acquisition is no longer as easy as it used to be? The competition is getting bigger, raising prices is getting harder, customers are spending less and less, and making a profit is a serious challenge.

But what if there was a solution that met all of today’s requirements? A website that actually works!

How do We Achieve all this?

Tailored to your company

I structured my consultations in such a way that I could get to know and understand the operation of your company.


Thanks to my SEO knowledge, I can create your site on the design table in such a way that it brings real results.


Not only will I be determined during the joint work, but your finished website will not just "look like that" in the online space. But it will work for the real success of YOUR company.

Customized Solutions, From an Expert

Welcome to my world, where websites and SEO are not just tools, but a passionate art. I work alone and this business is not just a job for me, but a profession. Each project is a new challenge, where small business success is my success.

I know that your business is more than a company. The mission, the aspiration and the passion that you can achieve by appearing in the market and growing. That’s why I don’t create “template” websites, but I come up with unique ones that reflect the unique values and goals of your business.


Results That Speak:
My Portfolio of Successful Projects

Websites That Work:
Design and SEO in One Place

A comprehensive conversation where we analyze the potential inherent in the current website


60-90 minute online meeting during which we discuss the following:
user friendliness

+ action plan

Creation of a well-structured and modern website based on professional aspects, keeping conversion goals in mind

Consulting, consultation, strategic consultation
design, wireframe
easy-to-use admin interface
responsive website
web analytics, search console, cookie bot &
social media integration

+ domain, hosting administration

Strategic preparation to improve Google ranking. The overarching goal is to achieve the best possible ranking.

The offer includes:

Keyword research
Competitor analysis
Image keyword check
Google analytics Search console
Website acceleration

+ SEO Audit

A package that meets all needs, which is more than a turn key frame, it is a well-strategized complex framework

Consulting, consultation, strategic consultation
Design, wireframe
Easy-to-use admin interface
Responsive website
Google assistance + ssl + gdpr + social media
Keyword research + image keyword check
Competitor analysis
Website acceleration

+SEO Audit + Domain, hosting administration

Are you ready for a
whole new online experience

Lot of designer just talks about making difference, let me prove you how I do

Consider it Done

Innovative source of technology and knowledge mirrors my entire methology

The Web Army owner holds the jaguar logo

I got YOU Covered

I support you all way along to know and make a differentiation good and bad design choice

Website Design and SEO: The United Force for Growth

But what exactly does it mean? Imagine your business is a car. Website design is a sparkling, elegant jewel that impresses everyone. But what good is a beautiful ring if no one sees it?
This is where SEO comes into play, the tool that brings glamor to life.

A modern, clean website is essential for a successful business, but if no one can find it, it’s useless. SEO (Search Engine Optimization) is the beating heart of your website. Together, the two are a perfect pair, ensuring that your business not only looks good, but is also accessible to the right people.

Think big, even if you're small in size.

Here at my company, I infuse boundless creativity and innovation into every project I undertake. It is this inspired approach that has garnered a loyal clientele who not only enjoy conducting business with me but also consistently return for more.

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